Danville Rifle and Pistol Club: Supporting Firearm Sports, Education and Gun Safety

How to navigate this site.

How to navigate this site.  On this web site you will find "tabs" locaed under the red Danville Rifle and Pistol Club banner.  You can click on any tab.  Some tabs (pages) are pass word protected.  


Members can click on any tab.  If you are member of the Club, click on the "Member Pages" tab.  You will be prompted to enter the universal page protected password.  After entering the password, press enter and you will now have access to all member pages.  


It is important that all members understand the the page protected pass word is not your password for e-mail.  All members use the same password to open member pages.  The password to your e-mail is private.  It is strongly suggested that each member change their e-mail password from time to time.


The WEB PAGE PROTECTED PASSWORD will change when we change the combination at the range.  This is generally done in March.  You will be notified via newsletter regarding the new page protected password.  


If you having a problem with either the web site or DRPC e-mail give George a call at 1-217-304-9722.

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This patch is one of the earlier logos.  The Danville Rifle and Pistol Club began in 1939. 

Community Service

Sargent Myron Deckard Scholarship Fund - Danville Area Community College.


The Danville Rifle and Pistol Club proudly supports the student scholarship fund in  Myron's name at Danville Area Community College Click here to see more about DACC).  Myron was a long time member of the Club and a Vermilion County Deputy Sherrif.  Myron was killed in the line of duty.  His family established a scholarship fund in his name at Danville Area Community College.  


The Club supports the scholarship fund through two activities.  The first is the annual raffle ticket drawing for one or more firearms.  The second is the Sgt. Myron Deckard Match held at the range. 


For more information of the Sgt. Mayron Deckard Scholarship and the Danville Rifle and Pistol Club's efforts to support the scholarship fund click here.

Firearm Safety Classes

Safety Classes are provided at the range by one of our NRA certified instructors.  These classes are an introductory class focusing on firearm types and an overview of thow these types of firearms function.  The classroom phase if followed by live fire of various handguns.  Club members volunteer to bring some of their favorite pistols and revolvers to share with students in the class.  To request information on Satety Classes click here.

Youth Shooting Program

Youth Shooting ProgramDanville Rofle and Pistol Club sponsors a Youth Shooting program.  Gary Day is the program Director.  For more information on this great youth program click here.

Photo Tour of the Glenn Greenwoood Range