Gun Range Facilities



Our 50 yard Pistol Range is able to be used for distance from 3 yards to 50 yards.  Members are allowed to use this area for practical as well as tactical firearm and CCW practice.  The pistol line features shooting stations along the entire width of the line.






DRPC is one of the few Gun Ranges that offers 50 yard, 100 yard, 200 yard and 300 meter rifles berms.  Whether you wish to practice tactical rifle at 50 yards, sight in  your rifle or test your skill at our 300 meter berm we have more rifle options than you will find at most ranges.  Placing targets down range is quick and effortless with the road through our range.


Competitive Shooting


DRPC hosts monthly  IDPA and Tactical Two Gun matches.

With six shooting bays we are able to hold contests and still  have at

least one bay available for open shooting during the matches.  Because

of our unique layout DRPC is open to other competitive activities

that members may wish to support.




Though we do not have any accomodation for trap or skeet we do allow members to bring clay throwers and the club has two throwers available for use for shotgun practice.  



* Members Club House, * 50 yard Covered Pistol Range, Raised Rifle Line, * 300 Meter Rifle Line,  * Steel Targets on the Rifle and Pistol Lines, * Six Individual Shooting Bays For Shooting Sports, * All Shooting Venues are Gravel, No Muddy Ground After Rain or Snow!

Range Configuration  



A Look Around the Facility

Check out our latest video to get a better look at our facility

and see what goes on at DRPC through out the year!

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